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British Birds-Urban Birds in the Garden
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British Birds-Urban Birds in the Garden

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There is nothing more delightful than watching birds in your own back yard, and even if you live in one of Britain's bustling towns or cities, it's a pleasure that nature affords us all. With almost three million adults taking an active interest in bird watching and the numbers increasing almost daily, this is becoming a hugely popular past time that truly does benefit both the watcher and the watched. This programme has been designed to assist and inspire the urban birdwatcher to make the most of viewing the wildlife, quite literally, on their own doorstep. Although it's not essential to name a bird to enjoy watching it, most people with an interest in ornithology like to be able to make an accurate identification. With the help of up close and personal images of the most common species to be found across the nation, and a few of the rarer birds that you have an outside chance of spotting in more urban environments, you can increase your knowledge, or if you prefer, simply enjoy watching these beautifully filmed birds. With tips on accurate identification and techniques for attracting the maximum number of bird species into view, there is something for everyone. Discover the value of Live Foods, investigate the provision of nesting boxes and find out why no birdwatcher should ever be without a supply of Black Sunflower seeds.

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