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Spitfire - Meeting the Threat and Stuka - Whistling Death DVD
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Spitfire - Meeting the Threat and Stuka - Whistling Death DVD

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                                                                                                  Thunderbirds of WW2

                                                                                                                                           Double Feature


Spitfire - Meeting the Threat

The Spitfire was developed by Supermarine aircraft company's cheif designer Reginald J. Mitchell and was based on his expertise of racing seaplanes. It had all the hallmarks of a machine built for war - strength, speed and an almost brutal impression of power, while holding an air of grace and beauty. The Supermarine Spitfire proved its prowess in the air in hundreds of battles between 1939 and 1945, though it was during the Battle of Britain that it became a legend. This programme maps out the Spitfire's early development, from the mid 1930s to the dogfights in the skies over Southern England against the infamous German Messerschitt Me 109. With its many successes and failures, see the complete and dramatic history of this outstanding fighter plane.


Stuka - Whistling Death

The Stuka was though invincible by Germany's Luftwaffe after its initial success in Poland and France, where its whistling siren  announced destruction approaching, while in its unique, steep dive at more than 300mph, these Junker Ju 87s became known by the abbreviation of the German ''Sturzkampfflugzeug'' - the dive bomber. Its invincibility was soon disproved by the Royal Air Force during the Battle of Britain, and by 1940, the Stuka was withdrawn from operations. The Stuka still served the Germans well for years to come. This was an aircraft that achieved far more success than its construction would have indicated, showing the impact of audacious tactics and advanced pilot training.


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